Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

DaySpring Integrative Wellness is built on our belief that “community-supported wellness”, is the heart of good medicine. Good communities are built on good relationships. The heart of the DaySpring Philosophy comes from our experience and understanding that there is a Light, “The DaySpring”, that comes into our world to bring true healing, and that this light has a source that is beyond our human capacity to generate - like the morning light of the Sun. 

“The DaySpring” light is the real source of love and life that is given freely to all of us with the intention to bring health, hope, and a unity of peace.  We also believe that this light is a gift from above, “from God”, (see quote below), that is given to each of us to be enjoyed and shared to brighten the lives of those around us, so that we may ALL walk in the light we have be given together. 

Luke 1:78 - "Because of God’s tender mercy, the DaySpring, (morning light), from heaven is about to break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace.”

How did we get here?

While there are many wonderfully capable and compassionate medical professionals in our modern medical system, there are also tremendous challenges inherent in our current health care system that restrict providers from having the time necessary to encourage healing, and to teach patients the preventive techniques essential for avoiding disease and restoring true health.

Another way - Finding Community Supported Wellness

However there is another option! We can decide as a community to build a better system that supports real health first! That is what we are dedicated to creating at DaySpring.

Our team seeks to build relationships through individualized care in a safe haven, where all people feel appreciated, included, and inspired. We are also dedicated to building beneficial connections between our patients and our community through partnerships with other local professional businesses. These connections will encourage our ultimate goal of whole person wellness; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

At DaySpring, we believe that we are all designed to experience radiant “whole person” health! Certainly we are aware of the impact of disease and acknowledge that there are situations when we may need the additional support of nutritive supplementation and/or prescription medications (when they prove useful), in the treatment of our patients.

Yet our overall healing philosophy still remains committed to always returning to the core of the true healing foundation. A foundation which is based on using natural remedies, and encouraging eight, scientifically validated, lifestyle choices that have proven to create - “A NEW LIFE” full of joy and vibrance.

(“A New Life” is an acronym that we use to share and remember the eight lifestyle principles necessary to build our core foundation for health).

Why is this a better value for me as a patient?

So why is Direct Integrative Primary Care a good deal for me as a patient?  See our membership page for details.


8 Points for "A New Life"

A - Attitude: You are what you think!!

It all starts with attitude: There is a close connection between the mind and the body. When one is effected, the other sympathizes in both disease, as well as, health. 

Attitude and state of mind affect physical health and well-being. Many of the diseases suffered today are impacted by mental depression, anxiety, stress, and grief which break down the life forces.

Learning natural ways to build and support your mental health, changing destructive thought processes, and adopting new thought patterns are a critical part of the wellness plan for whole-person health.

You will gravitate toward what you think about!!

N - Nutrition: Fill up on what is Good!

Hypocrites, (one of history’s first truly “Integrative” Doctors), is famous for stating that we should, “Let our Medicine be our food and our food be our medicine”. Even those in antiquity understood that what we put into our bodies is essential for providing the foundation for our health.

Science today still continues to validate that choosing healthy, whole foods is critical for physical health because our food provides all the vital building blocks needed for growth, repair, and for energy. 

By focusing on nutrition in your wellness plan, you can still enjoy delicious meals, but also normalize your weight, increase your energy levels, improve your food, and not only prevent illness, but can often reverse disease even once it has started.

E - Exercise: Choosing Joyful Movement!

Abundant research has shown that regular physical exercise is as close as we can get to the proverbial fountain of youth!

It provides increased energy and vitality, helps improve mood, (it can even reverse depression and anxiety), normalizes weight, boosts our immune system function, strengthens bones, and even repairs damaged DNA, (which contributes to a hopefully longer, and definitely better life).

This list is only the beginning of the benefits that are experienced when exercise is part of your wellness plan. We are here to help you explore ways to put enjoyable movement into your daily life.

W - Water: Drink in what is Good!

Water is vital to support life. Every year we increase our knowledge on the health benefits of drinking enough pure water.

Proper hydration is critical in cutting the risk for all disease, including heart disease, and is a key factor in both longevity and quality of life.

In addition to working with you to make sure you are staying well-hydrated, we offer hydrotherapy, or water therapy treatments that can improve numerous health issues ranging from improving arthritis/lyme/neuropathic related pain, to boosting the immune system, stimulating the circulatory system (both Cardiovascular and lymphatic), assisting in toxin elimination, as well as providing stress relief.

L - Living in Balance: Freedom to Choose.

Living in balance is not a stagnant and inflexible state but rather a choice to live in a dynamic and intentional state of flexibility as we make our daily lifestyle choices.

Balance includes the freedom to choose what provides true health, as well as, the power to choose to refuse those things that are harmful to your being. It is more than just exercising self-restraint or self control when needed, but rather is a way to live that allows for, doing what we know is best.

Exploring this balance is part of your semi-annual integrative wellness consult which includes identifying your health goals, celebrating your successes, and finding practical solutions together to achieve personal success in all areas of your life. We want you to experience the harmony of balance.

I - Inspiration: Breathing in Love.

Where do you find your joy? What is the source of your inspiration in life? How do you experience and interact in your spiritual life? What does trust in God, genuine faith, and inspiration have to do with your health?

Extensive research has shown that the social structures that have historically connected us such as belonging to a faith community, taking time in our daily schedule for spiritual reflection, and building encouraging relationships in our communities, provide us with numerous health benefits including; strengthening the immune system, controlling stress, lessening risk for addictions, and encouraging a more positive outlook.

This is just science confirming what we already know is true - It is just good medicine to love and be loved!

F - Focused renewal: Creating Time with Tranquility.

Focused renewal time includes all the ways that we foster, and nurture the important areas of our life that are necessary to create whole person restoration. This is critical to reverse the inevitable physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual damage that happens to all of us in daily life.

Getting adequate rest is a necessary component to ensure that we have true and ongoing renewal. Rest allows the body to grow, repair damage, restore energy, and prevent disease.

Rest, (including good sleep at night), is definitely key in our overall wellness, but rest also comes from keeping balance in your life by making time daily & weekly for the activities and relationships that have true value.

As we work with you to build your individualized wellness plan, you will discover how to carve out time in your schedule to include rest and tranquility.

E - Experiencing Nature: Understanding the “Nature” of healing.

Heading outside for a walk, breathing in deeply, and soaking in the beauty around you, all provide health!

Sunlight, fresh air, and being surrounded by nature provides many health benefits including: easing tension, increasing immunity, preventing disease, improving sleep, increasing mental clarity and performance through increased oxygenation, heightening metabolism, and boosting energy levels. 

Spending at least twenty-five minutes outdoors everyday is an essential part of any balanced wellness plan. 

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