DaySpring Membership


DaySpring has affordable membership options for individuals and families based on your personal needs. Each membership level is based on 12 visits throughout the year. Two of these visits count as your semi-annual comprehensive physical or wellness plan review with Dr. Mazone.

Other visits in your package can include:

  • Integrative lifestyle consultations
  • Acute care with same day and next day visits when needed, or phone consultations and virtual visits when medically appropriate.
  • Phone or virtual consultations with Dr. Mazone (a free initial face-to-face visit is required to establish a relationship, take your health history, and discuss your goals).
  • Follow-up care, health action plan, and referrals for consultation with other specialty doctors should you require a hospitalization or specialist review.
  • Chronic disease care coordination and management with a comprehensive medication review, recommendations on streamlining medications, and utilizing effective alternatives/supplements whenever possible. (Chronic pain management with narcotics is not in harmony with our philosophy on what provides vibrant health and therefore is not offered as part of our care packages).
  • Health education classes at reduced prices (some classes may be free for our members).

DaySpring Member Packages

primary care

Single Person Membership

Annual plan: (best value at $73/mo), made in one payment of $876.

Semi-annual plan: ($83/mo), made with two payments of $498/each.

Monthly plan: $93/mo, paid monthly by direct deposit or credit card.

Young Adult/Student

Annual Plan: $572

Semi-Annual Plan: $302

Monthly: $53/mo, paid monthly by direct deposit or credit card.

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Couple Membership

Annual Plan: (best value at $140/mo), made in one payment of $1680

Semi-Annual Plan: ($148/mo) made in two payments of $888/ea

Monthly Plan: $155/mo, paid monthly by direct deposit or credit card.

primary care

Family Membership

Best Value for 3 or more household members
For the entire family, children up to age 22

Annual plan: (best value at $175/mo), made in one payment of $2100

Semi-Annual plan: ($185/mo) made in two payments of $1110/ea

Monthly plan: $195/mo

*To help keep the overall cost of family plans down - this plan includes 12 shared visits per year among any family members, but must include at least one annual visit per family member per year

primary care

Community-supported Wellness Pass

5 visits / $250


Our Community-supported Wellness Pass of 5 visits allows you to share care at discounted rates between herbalist Jane Kuntz, Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Counselor Michelle Hume, Personalized Lifestyle Coach Sheryl McWilliams (RN, MPH), personalized exercise prescription, or doctor-supervised Wave Therapy Treatments tailored for medical conditions (hydro, thermal, or light therapy). This pass can be used for one individual or shared between family members. This pass does NOT include primary care visits, or osteopathic treatments. 

***Inquire about special plans for single parents/child, mother/baby, veterans/military, corporations, first responders, and home schooling families.

One-time enrollment fee of $75 for single or up to $150 for families. Re-enrollment fee may apply.

Remember that we are committed to finding a way to get you the care you deserve, so talk with us about sponsorships for those who are facing financial challenges.

All members will still receive a 40% discount on non-member rates after using their allotment of 12 included membership visits.

A 5% charge will need to be added to all bills that are not electronically deducted for additional accounting fees required.


Additional DaySpring Member Benefits

  • Integrative Osteopathic treatment, (OMT) $35.00 (for all allotted visits)
  • Integrative Hydrotherapy, (water therapy) treatments: $35.00.
  • Home visit by Dr. Mazone: Call to inquire about rates based on distance and availability
  • Infrared sauna with the option of Bioluminescence light therapy: $25.00 (Provided in 30 minute blocks. Our sauna is only available to members. The sauna space has its own private entrance, a large shower, and a relaxing soak tub. For your convenience, in addition to our regular office hours, the sauna space will be available on Tuesday evenings until 8 pm. Please call ahead for a reservation.
  • Member discounts from our community partnerships. We are working to start a network of partnerships between health food stores, gyms, local farms, and other health professionals who can collaborate together to encourage healthy lifestyle choices throughout our community. Feel free to make suggestions on who should be a part of the growing community family.
  • Member discounted consultations with one of our integrated lifestyle educators to assist you with your wellness plan. (Consultations can include, but is not limited to: exercise, nutrition, cooking demonstrations, recipes based on your health needs, grocery store trip to choose healthy options, herbal supplementation/support, counseling, weight management, stress management, or support with your child’s health challenges based on recommendations by Dr. Mazone).
  • Members get wholesale medications, (a 50-80% discount off from retail prices), and access to high quality supplements at discount prices through our electronic dispensary. We also offer discounts on supplements, herbal products, and essential oils which are available at our office apothecary.
  • We do NOT keep any controlled substances at our office, but we do have a relationship with local pharmacies to call in medications or herbal compounds that we do not offer onsite if they are needed as part of your care plan.

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