Integrative Herbal Consultations

Integrative Herbal Consultations

Herbs offer a wide range of safe and effective therapeutic agents that can be used as an integral part of your healthcare program. Herbal medicine is the art and science of using herbs to maximize one's health potential, prevent disease, and treat the root of illness. Herbal medicine can be as easy as taking a dropper of elderberry when fighting a cold, or soaking in a tub with rosemary tea for a headache. Some long-standing conditions may need or call for daily herbal tonics and supplements, as well as, making dietary and lifestyle changes. Herbal medicine has the advantage of benefiting many parts of the body, properly prescribed herbs do not have negative side effects that most pharmaceutical drugs have. Herbs work to support the body to heal, not just treat symptoms.

Certified Herbalist and Lifestyle Counselor, Jane Kuntz, enjoys sharing her knowledge of natural healing with people of all ages. Jane offers personalized integrative consultations starting with a comprehensive evaluation to assess a person's whole constitution (the health of their whole body), and the impact of current lifestyle habits. Jane's goal as an herbalist is not to treat, cure, or prescribe herbs using a cookbook approach based on a disease or symptoms, but rather, to get to know her patients personally and recommend herbs based on their individualized needs in order to treat the root cause of a health concern.

Initial consultations with Jane are scheduled for two hours which includes a complete medical history review and a comprehensive evaluation with recommendations. Jane offers a one-month follow-up with her initial visits which enables patients to call or email her with questions or news as to how her recommendations are working.

Integrative Herbal Consultation Rates:

$135.00 for Comprehensive, Initial 2 hour Visit
$90.00 for follow-up office visits

Wellness Pass Available

Member Discount:

$125.00 for Comprehensive, Initial 2 hour Visit
$75.00 for follow-up office visits

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