Direct Integrative Primary Care

What is Direct Integrative Primary Care (DIPC)?

DaySpring provides patients access to "Personalized Primary Care" based on an Integrative approach to Health and Family Medicine. Direct Integrative Primary Care is not like a visit to a typical doctor’s office. As our patient, you don’t have to wait until you are sick to book an appointment.

At DaySpring, you will work with Dr. Zach, and our staff to set up an individualized wellness plan based on your health goals, and will have access with Dr. Zach for acute "same/next day" office appointments, or "phone appointments", depending on your needs.

No matter what your health goals may be; whether to lose weight, get into shape, learn how to prepare healthy meals, find alternative ways to deal with depression, or to explore natural ways to support your child with ADHD, we can help.

We are here, and will listen to your goals so we can provide you with the expert medical and practical support needed to experience Vibrant Health.

Alternative Healthcare Model

Direct Integrative Primary Care, (DIPC), is an innovative alternative healthcare model.

It is based on similar ideals to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement, which brings communities together with their local farmers, to create a healthy and sustainable community for all.

DIPC enables communities to have consistent access to high quality holistic medical care, by directly supporting their local doctor with an affordable membership fee, (just like a CSA).

Additionally, members have direct access to their physician using all the conveniences of modern technology; via phone, internet consults, email or texting. Better yet, members still retain the benefit of having good old-fashioned face to face office appointments.

Whether you enjoy a cup of tea during a consult by our fireplace, take a walk with the doctor along the Kennebec River, or choose a hydrotherapy treatment, our goal is to serve you in a relaxed, unhurried manner with little wait time.

Our Direct Integrative Primary Care model removes the burdensome weight of governmental regulation and insurance overhead from primary care so that Dr. Mazone and our staff are accountable first and foremost to our patients.

Our focus is on creating real, supportive, and practically therapeutic relationships with you as we support your journey towards vibrant health with affordable membership fees that costs less than the average cell phone bill.

The result? Health care that is convenient, cost effective, and tailored to your needs. Isn’t it about time that your doctor started working directly for you?

What about Insurance?

Our membership model works well coupled with high deductible insurance plans, but it can also work with other plans as well. It is not an insurance plan.

Even people without insurance can be members. Membership allows us to spend more time with you, (usually 30-60 minutes per visit), by reducing the time we need to spend on paperwork.

It gives us more time to listen, coordinate your health plan, collaborate with specialists that may be needed, and navigate the healthcare maze on your behalf.

We do not take insurance of any kind including Medicare. When you need to use your insurance, we provide you with all the paperwork necessary to submit your claim, and if not already covered by your insurance, we will find cost effective solutions for referrals, medications, and imaging.

Save your insurance for emergencies, hospitalizations, or specialists. For the rest, we are here for you!


Why is this a better model for me?
  • You get more time with your doctor to develop a truly effective plan for your health (30-60 minute appointments vs. the standard 15 minute appointment)
  • You get direct access to same day or next day appointments for acute medical needs.
  • You get access to wholesale pricing on prescription medications (can save up to 80% off the retail cost), as well as discounts on professional grade supplements.
  • You get access to low cost labs if not covered by your insurance.
  • You get access to video-conference appointments when desired.

Direct Integrative Primary Care Services

Members: Included in membership.

Non-Members: Not available.

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