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About Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Zach Mazone, DO chose to become a Doctor of Osteopathy because he has seen personally the power of this medical tradition in his own life and believes deeply in the principles that make Osteopathic Medicine a unique healing method. He has been mentored by traditional Osteopaths since 2004, received his Doctorate of Osteopathy from the renown University of New England and chose a Family Residency at Central Maine Medical Center because of the strong tradition of Osteopathic Training received in this program.

D.O.s can perform all medical functions, and prescribe medications just like a western-trained allopathic medical doctor, (an M.D.). However, Osteopaths are also trained in a philosophy based on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit make up the whole person and must be included in assisting people to find their own best health.

Additionally, Osteopathic Doctors believe that the body is designed for self-healing which happens organically as the whole person is treated, and considered. The final key distinction is that all D.O.s have extensive training in “hands on” anatomy and physiology, which is referred to as, “Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment”, (OMT), which allows them to use their special training to realign the body which helps facilitate the restoration of vibrant health.

More About Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, (OMT), is a gentle, hands-on manipulation designed to help your body maximize its natural healing potential. The OMT provided by Dr. Mazone is a unique blending of the numerous Osteopathic techniques he has learned, combined with elements from physical therapy, massage, aromatherapy, (using organic essential oils), and cranial-sacral therapy giving you a treatment that is tailored to your personal health needs.

Osteopathic Difference

You may wonder what the difference is between Osteopathy and other Medical Practitioners. Osteopathic physicians have attended four years of osteopathic medical school, and 3 or more years of residency depending on their specialty. They are fully licensed to practice the whole spectrum of medical and surgical specialties in all 50 states.

Osteopathic medicine was discovered by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. (1828 – 1917), who introduced its concepts in 1874. Doctor Still gradually formulated the ideas that would become known as Osteopathy:

  • That all elements of a person’s body, mind and spirit had to be incorporated into the total care of that person.That the body had self-regulatory and self-healing powers.
  • That the body contained within it all the substances necessary for maintaining health, and when the body was properly stimulated, Dr. Still believed that these substances would also assist in recovering from illness.
  • That we would function at our optimum level only when all the various parts were in proper relationship to one another. Disease was viewed not as an outside agent somehow inflicting itself on the body, but rather was the result of alterations in the structural relationships of the body parts that led to an inability of the body to resist or recover from illness.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Rates:


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Special Non-member Mother & Baby package:

$99/session, or buy a bundle of 5 visits for only $425, ($85/session)

Mother & Baby packages were created because OMT is so important for mother’s throughout pregnancy and postpartum, as well as, for infants and newborns.

Specifically, OMT benefits include:

  • Improves pelvic alignment and facilitates proper fetal positioning for
    labor and delivery.
  • Decreases pressure and pain, (back, pelvic, sciatica, carpal tunnel), associated with pregnancy, and with postpartum recovery.
  • Helps infants and newborns to improve ability to breastfeed, and decreases difficulty with potential tongue ties, neck compression, ear infections, and cranial/sacral misalignment.

Dr. Zach doing OMT on his baby cousin - 2017


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